Worthing Shipwrecks

Over the years many ships that have sailed past the coast of Worthing have run aground on sand banks or broken up in stormy seas. Here are a few of them.

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St. James 24 Gun Spanish Warship on January 1644

Ran aground at Heene, Worthing. Ship and cargo later sailed to London and returned to owners.

Teignmouth Sailing vessel on October 1834

Wrecked on Worthing beach.

Elima Sailing lugger on June 1860

Wrecked off Worthing beach.

Theresa Schooner on February 1883

Ran ashore off Navarino Road, Worthing and broke up.

Lovely Druina Ketch on September 1887

Sunk off Worthing.

Albert H.Locke Brig Collier on June 1888

Off Worthing Pier.

King Carl XV Schooner on November 1891

Ran aground off Steyne and later broke up.

Zadne Steamship on November 1894

Crew of 11 abandoned ship off Worthing but were lost when lifeboat capsized. Coastguards apparently did not see the incident and Worthing lifeboat was not launched.

Later an RNLI inquiry exonerated the lifeboat from any failure of duty.

The crew were buried in Broadwater Cemetery.

Halcyon Brig on July 1895

Off Worthing beach. Crew rescued by lifeboat.

Indiana Steamship on March 1901

Off Half Brick Inn, East Worthing after collision in fog with City Of Washington which took the crew to Newhaven.

Indiana cargo of oranges and lemons were washed ashore and retrieved in large quantities by locals.

Wreck later blown up due to being a hazard to shipping.

Kingshill Schooner on February 1915

Wrecked off Goring. Worthing lifeboat capsized and one of the crew lost.

Eden Steamship on April 1917

Torpedoed off Worthing Pier.