Mad Miller and the Millers Tomb

Was John Olliver (correct spelling!) a crazy eccentric, a devout believer or simply a crafty smuggler?
Mad Millers Tomb close up

What are the known facts about this miller who was born in 1709 and died in 1793?

His mill was situated on the top of Highdown Hill, slightly south of the present trigonometrical point, and his cottage was somewhere on the northern slope of what was then called Caesar’s Hill.

It was the miller’s daily custom to take a walk up the hill to his favourite vantage point to survey the scene and consider the imminence of his own demise; for which he had thoughtfully provided a tomb built in 1763, thirty years before his death.

It is believed that he hid all his contraband in a wooden coffin under his bed.

The mill was destroyed in a severe gale many years ago and as for his cottage, well, that was demolished some time in the sixties due to being structurally dangerous.

All that remains now is the tomb.

Mad Millers Tomb

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