The Goring Smugglers

In Goring, Smuggler’s Walk actually stands at the centre of an area that was once used for storing smuggled goods.
The Goring Smugglers

The flat beach at Goring was a favourite place for the smuggler.

During the 18th century, when the ‘trade’ was at its peak, there were innumerable engagements between smugglers and customs men along the coast.

If a large cargo was being landed, dozens of men would be employed as speed was essential.

A great many hostelries depended for their supplies on the smugglers, and nearby inns would often take immediate delivery.

The coastal downland behind Goring was famous for its huge flocks of fine sheep.

Sometimes, rather than wool or fleece, it was live sheep that were smuggled out, and one can imagine the almost comic performance as men attempted to drive these sheep into small boats in pitch darkness.

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