Worthing started life as a fishing hamlet until Princess Amelia, youngest daughter of George III, visited it in 1798.

During the next 14 years, Worthing started to develop into the mammoth seaside resort that us Worthing folk love and hate today.

Two miles west along the A259 from Worthing stands the remains of a lone conical hill known as Highdown, 266ft high above sea level, once the site of an Iron Age camp and a Saxon burial ground.

Highdown Worthing, West Sussex

Heading back east to Worthing into West Tarring village, one of many villages that makes up the Borough of Worthing, is The Old Palace which was founded in 1250 and formerly the Archbishops Palace.

The Old Palace Worthing, West Sussex

There are many historical places across Worthing, here we have curated a lot of historical information.

High Salvington Post Mill

High Salvington Post Mill
Travel into the village of High Salvington and on the corner of Bost Hill and Mill Lane is a black post windmill built between 1700 and 1720.

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Worthing Shipwrecks

Worthing Pier
Over the years many ships that have sailed past the coast of Worthing have run aground on sand banks or broken up in stormy seas.

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The Bonfire Boys

A Crowd Faces The Camera While A Bonfire Burns
Throughout much of the 19th century disturbances frequently occurred on Guy Fawkes Night in Worthing causing alarm and posing great problems for the local authorities.

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The Goring Smugglers

Goring Smugglers
The flat beach at Goring was a favourite place for the smuggler.

During the 18th century, when the ‘trade’ was at its peak, there were innumerable engagements between smugglers and customs men along the coast.

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The Mad Miller And The Millers Tomb

Millers Tomb
What are the known facts about this miller who was born in 1709 and died in 1793?

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The Skeleton Army

The Skeleton And Salvation Armies
On April 3rd 1884 a Captain Ada Smith was appointed as the new officer in charge of the Worthing Salvation Army.

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